Saturday, February 12, 2005


Is it really easier to do nothing than to be busy with all sorts of somethings? I would argue that the person who finds himself doing something is more content than the person who is doing nothing. The person doing "nothing" is really working the hardest in his mind, if he is anything like me, because imediately when there's a lull he's thinking "there's got to be something to do..." and he is busier than the first.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Need for Comfort

A little girl I know stayed at my home today. She found (as all little girls do) the fluffy-white stuffed bear in my room. "My baby" she informed me, as she held it close. When she carried it, I could tell there was a struggle for her, because the bear caused her to lean back to where she couldn't see very well where she was going. When God sees us walking by faith, He gives us the comfort that we need, and that comfort may make us to seemingly walk awkwardly, blindly. It is in our best interests that way.