Monday, February 18, 2008

James 1:12-27 added poll option

Subject: Trials and Temptations.
Are they different and how if so?

Trials: trials as we discussed were what God permits. Ms. Mills said "during one, I like to ask God, 'what do you want to teach me now?'" Dad acknowleges everyone and is blessed by participaters in the study, since mostly he asks us question to question.

Temptations: we noticed were of ourselves and Miss. Colleen said "Satan pushes us around with them."


The question seems a mystery that I certainly haven't solved. If anyone has opinions on God and His part in allowing temptation or not allowing it, please submit your opinions in the commentary. If you have any other disaggreements or topics you'd like to bring up let them be written in the commentary.

The simplest child can reason simple reason and how often are they more clear than many adults who insist their way, or what they think God's way is, having no understanding of the Scriptures. (the Bible) A preacher I respect once said men even scholars can be clueless about the very doctrine that we ought to know because it should be simple for a child to know.

One statement at the end of the lesson I attempted to correct. It seemed they said "We could not do what God requires" in terms more ambiguous than needed. The truth that I'd learned and had struggled with the concept myself was in my opinion I have been convinced that God has already commited our sins and was raised perfect. If as Romans 6 says "we are planted together with him in the likeness of his death" and also "how shall we who are dead live to sin any longer?" We are able, in my opinion to live and reign with Christ (planted together with him, therefore identifying ourselves with him in every way, even his life) so living free in Christ is a gift and the command would be that we yeild now to righteousness. (Romans 6)