Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love Time-Out

One verse I've kept close is one which I've now not an idea save perhaps Isaiah somewhere...nevertheless the (ahem) verse :-l In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength. Poetic, is it not? I love that. In a way your'e style to live is not all this or that...but God's specific about manner here: "This is your love time-out!" He cries. So, maybe it's mystery. No, I would not say that; in fact; Repentance goes with rest, and that is plain as it says you time-out and sleep by loving God enough to rest, and now everyone I know would say that rest is a kind of real salvation. Simple. We can all do that... Now also in a quietness, it is simple too, you aren't talking; you choose to listen with all your attention on God. Couple quiet with trust, there, now there is a person to trust. God is that person. Which helps you have strength for the tattle-teller kid younger than you who is always on your nerves. With this in mind, he/she will not be anymore...get ready for virtue because we're going to explode with love.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

View from My Neighborhood

Excited, Jaden nearly crossed the street without looking both ways. Her other two girlfriends were on the other side by Jenna's house giggling and holding their day bags and squeezing their pillows. Today was their day for some girl-time fun. Pinks and purples, shimmery-blue and silver pillow cases were clues of remembrance to me of how silly girls can get when planning and playing and wishing and all. These girls were prettied up from their school day and just off the bus. "Yes, now that's over!" their drifting curls seemed to say. The girls reminded me of my sister and I once forever giggling with our purple and pink memories. I don’t think that was too long ago.... it sounds like such fun, maybe sleepovers are not only for girls under twelve.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Royal Love

A love is a what?
granddaughter asked.
"a love is a friend;
a child's freedom and
a father's brave heart,
and the love of the
King is a royal love. It
is the purple heart I
wear about my finger
the best kind of love.
the kindest love of
the best friend I've
got and the keeper of
my soul, I guard His
gates and he blesses me."
says grandma.

Monday, March 03, 2008

I have a very big heart for how small I really am, and beagles remind me of my personality, sometime I've got energy and other times I can just really be a sleeper.
My favorite breed is the beagle. Some day when I own my own home I plan on having a beagle....until then...I'm just loving the thought!

Monday, February 18, 2008

James 1:12-27 added poll option

Subject: Trials and Temptations.
Are they different and how if so?

Trials: trials as we discussed were what God permits. Ms. Mills said "during one, I like to ask God, 'what do you want to teach me now?'" Dad acknowleges everyone and is blessed by participaters in the study, since mostly he asks us question to question.

Temptations: we noticed were of ourselves and Miss. Colleen said "Satan pushes us around with them."


The question seems a mystery that I certainly haven't solved. If anyone has opinions on God and His part in allowing temptation or not allowing it, please submit your opinions in the commentary. If you have any other disaggreements or topics you'd like to bring up let them be written in the commentary.

The simplest child can reason simple reason and how often are they more clear than many adults who insist their way, or what they think God's way is, having no understanding of the Scriptures. (the Bible) A preacher I respect once said men even scholars can be clueless about the very doctrine that we ought to know because it should be simple for a child to know.

One statement at the end of the lesson I attempted to correct. It seemed they said "We could not do what God requires" in terms more ambiguous than needed. The truth that I'd learned and had struggled with the concept myself was in my opinion I have been convinced that God has already commited our sins and was raised perfect. If as Romans 6 says "we are planted together with him in the likeness of his death" and also "how shall we who are dead live to sin any longer?" We are able, in my opinion to live and reign with Christ (planted together with him, therefore identifying ourselves with him in every way, even his life) so living free in Christ is a gift and the command would be that we yeild now to righteousness. (Romans 6)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dad's Lesson of the week:

My dad has bible lessons each Sunday. Today's was on James 1. He goes through a book a chapter, and a verse at a time. I'm proud of him ---not only because he is my dad, but that he has so much responsibility.

Here is this weeks lesson:
"To the churches scattered abroad..." the basis of this comes in the next verse :
"my bretheren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;"

explanation: Prophecy in Acts 1 "you will be scattered to the ...uttermost parts..." What does the verse say? Scattered abroad. When harm comes to the church and we are seperated and tempted in many ways, we are to count it joy. Often if you see from other patience given gifts from your past temptations you have seen you can look in God's perspective and find joy in it ---- "look now, there may be many saved in this desolate place. Only God knows. " These seek to build the church even if they are alone.

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God..."
"let him ask in faith nothing wavering..." that is, doubt or fear beside.

A contributer said about the book of James that the verses are there to show a simple person how to have God's character. I added, concerning James, that Christians should read James as often as they can. The book says so much about how we need to live it's impossible to be victorious without it. What encouragement! Also we turned to Proverbs 2:2 "So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;" That wraps up James whole message in James. It's all about how to apply your heart to understanding. AMEN


A book that I finished last December really impacted my life. The Purpose Driven Life. It is presented in a volume of God's glory-focus. Brilliant! I find purpose looking into Jesus through God's works in the gospels, which the book suggests as a focus in a way that sparks new faith in old eyes. Driven, gives the reader steps to discover a "life purpose statement." Another thing is that direct mention in this book tells of where your talents lie, whether cooking cleaning, building, plumbing, your education, your favorite interests are most likely your talents for God's ministry for you within the Body of Christ. And where you have experienced your hardest or most painful days of trial and redemption, that is how you impact the children in your congregation the most. Open it up! Driven is on my heart now. I learned to minimize my pursuits, get insights into how God has worked in my life, and have successfully set my gaze on God and His will.