Thursday, September 22, 2005


I care for a client with Alzheimer's disease. My job has humble tasks such as bathing, cleansing, feeding, dressing, turning(change of position), slight upkeep of the home, lots of tlc: these tasks grew me up so much. I know my routine, yet it has variables, the way I speak to her, and assure her. The way I read to her, and chide her to allow me to care for her. When I sing to her, or let go of an "argument." And then there are always the waiting periods. The "waiting" has been for me, a time of solace and joy - because I've made it that way. I'd much rather be for her a joyful presence than a rush-rush care worker, the affliction is hard enough. Alzheimer's maligns its wearers and sheds no tear.