Sunday, August 28, 2005

Reason behind this blog:

I came up with the title "Rejuvilation" out of creative notion. Some of you may be wondering about why I chose that to describe my blog. For 2 things:

1 Bipolar - When I found out I was bipolar, an illness of 2 "poles" (these being both high and low emotional states) I essentially became new in my person. I was struggling under so many changes. My medications were changed. My personality was strained - stressed and strained. My body was utterly exhausted. My mind was so busy and so burdened. (I'm o.k. now, my meds are perfect for me and I am well!)

2 spiritually - God gave me Himself, the reality of my life is His Presence. His Spirit has comforted me, given me soundness of mind, love so immense, and power - that same power that raised Christ is in me! And I have His Word! I searched and searched and I found Him! I was so broken, but He made me new again.