Saturday, March 19, 2005

Restrained Elation

It struck at around 2:oopm. "Oh Mother I'm high!" I said with a smile that could not be cast down. I'd made the decision to listen intently - an unspoken thing that I do best when I'm "high". Thoughts were beautiful - pure and beautiful. A taste Christ gives me now of when I'll be with him. I know in a way they must be irritating to others, but for me, liberty. But that liberty must be held back because it's unhealthy now. The "then" Paul talks about is coming, and as a bipolar, I will "see" and "know fully", but now I'm waiting for my King. And I must restrain my elation. (i.e. take medication)

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LC said...

A: I like your writing. It is honest and active. Some people write sluggishly. You don't.Keep it up. I read a book recently which you might try. She is no less passionate about listening to Jesus than you are; and in ways she has as much angnst as you do about what to do about it all. But she's got thirty years on you and so, has a more tempered perspective. It is by Anne Lamott: Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith. It is, at the very least,another persons account of how they are trying to "walk the talk".Hope you enjoy it.