Sunday, August 28, 2005

Reason behind this blog:

I came up with the title "Rejuvilation" out of creative notion. Some of you may be wondering about why I chose that to describe my blog. For 2 things:

1 Bipolar - When I found out I was bipolar, an illness of 2 "poles" (these being both high and low emotional states) I essentially became new in my person. I was struggling under so many changes. My medications were changed. My personality was strained - stressed and strained. My body was utterly exhausted. My mind was so busy and so burdened. (I'm o.k. now, my meds are perfect for me and I am well!)

2 spiritually - God gave me Himself, the reality of my life is His Presence. His Spirit has comforted me, given me soundness of mind, love so immense, and power - that same power that raised Christ is in me! And I have His Word! I searched and searched and I found Him! I was so broken, but He made me new again.

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Karen said...

You are on the road to living with your illness. Challenges such as this do come from the hand of God, as you recognize. He is daily transforming you to the image of His Son. Hold His hand on the journey. God Bless, Karen