Wednesday, March 05, 2008

View from My Neighborhood

Excited, Jaden nearly crossed the street without looking both ways. Her other two girlfriends were on the other side by Jenna's house giggling and holding their day bags and squeezing their pillows. Today was their day for some girl-time fun. Pinks and purples, shimmery-blue and silver pillow cases were clues of remembrance to me of how silly girls can get when planning and playing and wishing and all. These girls were prettied up from their school day and just off the bus. "Yes, now that's over!" their drifting curls seemed to say. The girls reminded me of my sister and I once forever giggling with our purple and pink memories. I don’t think that was too long ago.... it sounds like such fun, maybe sleepovers are not only for girls under twelve.

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