Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Utterly Irregular"

This is my generation: "Utterly irregular." This is taken from a beautifully disturbant speech at my graduation. Utter- Irregularity _fitting not to the public standard, yet forever and always in the public eye. Not because of us, but because of Whose Name we bear are we in the spotlight of the world. Marked by difference. We are

  • Daily cross-bearers.
  • Preachers of peace
  • Proclaimers of God's truth
  • United in love the world over
  • Ceaseless intercessors

And why would we want to be anything else? Obviously this is not for cowards. I wrote in my Bible once that being Christ-like, is anything but cowardice. And I know it is, because I have "died" to that old life I thought was so very important to me. Time and again I died these deaths. Until recently have I learned that all death is swallowed up in victory. That victory is mine and has been won so I might always see this one thing before me - the cross of our Lord.

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