Sunday, February 10, 2008


A book that I finished last December really impacted my life. The Purpose Driven Life. It is presented in a volume of God's glory-focus. Brilliant! I find purpose looking into Jesus through God's works in the gospels, which the book suggests as a focus in a way that sparks new faith in old eyes. Driven, gives the reader steps to discover a "life purpose statement." Another thing is that direct mention in this book tells of where your talents lie, whether cooking cleaning, building, plumbing, your education, your favorite interests are most likely your talents for God's ministry for you within the Body of Christ. And where you have experienced your hardest or most painful days of trial and redemption, that is how you impact the children in your congregation the most. Open it up! Driven is on my heart now. I learned to minimize my pursuits, get insights into how God has worked in my life, and have successfully set my gaze on God and His will.

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